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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 5, 2021 5:00pm-7:00pm EST

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washington. stay tuned for fox business' special coverage of the georgia elections this evening. neil ca view toe anchors our coverage, i'll be here in atlanta, hillary vaughn reporting as well. we'll see you later tonight with special coverage. take care, everybody. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. this is a critical juncture in our history. what happens today and perhaps tomorrow in georgia will determine much of what may happen in washington for any number of years to come. we are now two hours from polls closing in georgia's critical senate runoff races. republicans kelly loeffler and david perdue fighting to keep control of the senate and stand strong for president trump. the radical dems, for their part, have spent staggering sums of money to assure that two of the most radical candidates ever
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before any electorate in any state win those elections as the radical dems seek to implement a transformation of life in america. at a rally last night in support of loeffler and perdue, president trump told his supporters that the radical left will push this country towards socialism. >> america, as you know it, will be over, and it will never -- i believe -- be able to come back again. it'll be too far gone. your vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the america that we love. you cannot let them, you just can't let them steal the u.s. senate. you can't let it happen. you can't let it happen. david and kelly are running against the most extreme liberal candidates in the history of your state, probably in the
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history of our country, jon ossoff and raphael warnock. [background sounds] lou: and demonstrate orers from all across the country, supporters of the president convening in washington d.c. these are some of the demonstrators outside the supreme court in the nation's capital. the mayor of washington has called out the national guard, in fact, she is so concerned, as someone put it, you would think she was talking about black lives matter and antifa activists rather than trump supporters and members of the republican party supporting their candidates and their president in this hour of controversy and dispute over the most contentious election in our country's history. president trump is, of course,
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not on the ballot this time in georgia. but his historic accomplishments certainly are. a republican victory tonight would save the country from the radical left's crusade e to undo all of the extraordinary, historical work that president trump has accomplished. it would also provide further support to the president's claim that georgia's 16 electoral college votes were fraudulently stolen by joe biden in november. president trump last night called out the radical left for what they have done in this election. >> there's nothing the radical democrats will not do to get power that they so desperately crave. even the outright stealing of elections like they're trying to do with us. we're not going to let it happen. over the past few weeks, we've demonstrate thed that we won the election in a landslide. almost 75 million people voted
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for me. [cheers and applause] the most of any incumbent president in the history of our country. we also won 18 out of 19 bellwether counties. now, when you win just a few bellwether counties, you always win the election. we won 18 out of 19. that's a record, and they said we didn't win. we won 25 of 26 toss-up house races. and when that happens, no president loses unless they play games. you don't lose. they play games. the fact is we won the presidential election, we we won it big, and we're going to win tomorrow, we're going to win it really big, we have to. [cheers and applause] lou: and we have with us this evening a sterling lineup of guests to talk up these -- to take up these momentous issues. i'll be talking with congressman jim jordan, one of the prime minister's staunchest supporters
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in congress. georgia state democrat vernon jones joins us. the democrat has been a vocal supporter of president trump throughout. he's thrown his support behind the two republican candidates in tonight's senate runoff rouses. we'll -- races. we'll be talking with vernon jones. and also congressman devin nuñes who has just been awarded by president trump the freedom medal, the highest civilian honor that can be bestowed. we'll be taking up the latest in the battle for the white house. and historian victor davis hanson with us this evening. we'll be talking about the radical utopia the democrats are imagining for america. all of that and more just ahead. while georgia's senate runoff races are in focus this evening, there have also been new developments in the battle for the white house. senator kelly loeffler announcing she will object to certain electoral college results. a source telling fox news that
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loeffl or will likely object to georgia's electors and has left open the possibility of other states as well. she's now the 13th republican senator vowing to stand with some 140 republican members of congress to challenge the results. and david perdue also supporting the challenge of those electors tomorrow, but because his term officially ended sunday, he will not likely be able to take part in tomorrow's proceedings. another senator who plans to challenge the electoral college results tomorrow has identified the state that he will object to. ted cruz will reportedly object to arizona's electoral college votes. the congress will vote alphabetically by state, of course. that means cruz's objection is expected to be one of the very first. he will also bring up his calls
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for an emergency 10-day are review before any states can be certified. at least four other rino senators joined what presidentet trump has coined as the surrender or caucus of the republican party. senators john or cornyn, jerry moran, james inhofe and tim scott among 21 republican senators who have said they oppose trying to block joe biden from being installed as president. that means that if this election is found fraudulent, they have supported a fraudulent election. their lack of action to make certain that doesn't happen is astonishing. the senators who are refusing to stand up for a free, fair and impartial election are also bowing to the demands of the radical left and, of course, the business establishment. senator josh hawley from missouri, the first courageous
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republican senator to announce his objection to the electoral college vote, in response antifa activists massed outside the senator's home last night terrifying his wife and children inside. the senator on twitter today accused the activists of vandalizing and terrorizing the neighborhood writing, quote: you're scum. we won't be intimidated. the attack on senator hawley's home follows marching orders handed down by the left-wing national media. politico reporter tim alberta called for the shaming of republicans who dare to challenge the idea that joe biden won the fraudulent november election saying, quote: we should not for the rest of our careers refer to any of these republican electoral college objectors as conservatives. they are radicals. they are extremists. that leads us to our "lou dobbs tonight" quote of the day. it comes from history, from
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barry goldwater during his acceptance speech of his party's nomination at the 1964 republican presidential convention. goldwater said: extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue. turning now to wall street where stocks finished higher, the dow jones industrials up 168 points, the s&p up 26, the nasdaq up 121. volume on the big board, 4.6 billion shares. higher spirits and higher indexes on wall street. and listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next, control of the senate hangs in the balance tonight while congress prepares for a major battle for the white house tomorrow. we take it up with congressman jim jordan. he's our guest here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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imploring his supporters in georgia to hold the line in the battle for control of the u.s. senate. breaking news now, the national left-wing media crediting d.c. radical mayor with, radical dem mayor muriel bowser for activating the destruct's national guard ahead of -- district's national guard ahead of today and tomorrow in the nation's capital by conservatives and trump supporters. the hill wrote this: d.c. mayor activates national guard ahead of to-trump demonstrations -- pro-trump demonstrations. "the daily mail" claimed: d.c. mayor calls in 340 national guard troops ahead of wild pro-trump protests. they decided they were wild before they even awe ryed, confused, apparently, with anti that and black lives matter. the associated press said: d.c. mayor calls in national guard ahead of pro-trump protests.
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rolling stone, the left-wing volume said: d.c. activated the national guard because pro-trumpers are intent on bringing firearms to the events. ignored all the wile is the -- the while is the fact that the d.c. national guard, apparently this can be forgiven that they, obviously, didn't understand this, that the d.c. national guard is the only national guard unit in the united states military that reports directly, directly to the president of the united states. they left a little something out in their for e spective on their reporting, did they not? well, breaking now, the office of the director of national intelligence, the fbi and cyber security and infrastructure agency released a new statement about that massive cyber attack on federal agencies and, well, much or most of corporate america. the government now says the attack was an
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intelligence-gathering effort likely carried out but russia. they also say they have so far identified, quote: fewer, fewer than ten u.s. government agencies that were attacked. this from the group of people who are precisely the same as those who did not know that the united states had been under attack most likely from russia for more than a year and that the attack was the most successful ever carried out against the united states. you, you like us, please, use your own judgment as to whether or not to believe a word that our government has said about that cyberrer attack. cyber attack. the radical dems went after president trump with their so-called russia collusion fictions, you'll remember, and then the fbi investigated trump for 11 months. they proved the radical denial
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accusations -- dem accusations baseless and the radical dems who hurled those accusations absolutely conspiring to overthrow the president. then the radical dems, with the help of the deep state, invented that special counsel, the mueller special counsel, that wasted $50 million taxpayer dollars, again proving only their charges were base less and fraudulent and that the -- baseless and that the president was innocent of all charges. and what happened then? well, the only person to have been under federal investigation throughout his nearly entire first term as president, he faced the radical left's pitiful impeachment efforts as well, their phony charges, the ridiculous pretense of a defense of abuse of power. in one telephone conversation with the ukrainian president which turned out to be nothing. he was absolutely exonerated and, again, defeated the radical
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dems who have only proved that this president has had nothing that could be proved against him by our intelligence services, our law enforcement services, the radical dems who control the house of representatives. they have been outrageously wrong and exposed themselves as the liars and cheats and thieves they are and have been throughout the past four years. it is their nature, and there is know equivocation on my part because the evidence is clear, the proof is staring everyone in the face. the democrats are a -- are what they are. they lie, they cheat, they steal, and they did their worst trying to unseat this president. it is their nature. it is who they are. it is their pattern of conduct as the krillingnologists -- criminologists would say or, as with would say here, their parent of misconduct throughout.
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joining us now is congressman jim jordan, member of the house judiciary committee, house oversight committee and, congressman, i want to congratulate you, first, on the president's award. i understand it'll be, i believe, next monday that you'll receive the medal of freedom. >> thank you, lou. lou: congratulations, richly deserved. very proud of you and proud of devin nuñes as well. >> thank you. we're very grateful to the president. lou: yes, sir. and i think a lot of people ought to be grateful to him down in georgia right now. he led a materialing rally -- sterling rally, high energy as it always, a trump rally always is. give us your outlook on what's going to transspire there, the importance. your thoughts. >> well, i'm hopeful that both republicans are going to win, and i feel pretty good about it. you know, we'll wait and see. but what's at stake is fundamentally just freedom. i mean, your liberty. because if the left gets control
5:20 pm
of all of government, we've said this time and time again because it's true, if the left gets control of all of government, your basic freedoms, they're going to take away your money in taxes, your free speech rights with the cancel culture mob, they're going to try to take away your second amendment liberties, your private health insurance, your plastic drinking straws, for goodness sake. it's all about freedom. if anyone in georgia hasn't voted yet, there's a little bit of time left, it is about those fundamental, core issues. the issues of freedom, the constitution, the bill of rights, the things that make our country the special place that it is, that's what's at stake here. and i think the folks in georgia understand that and that's why they're going to turn out big and have been turning out today. lou: you know, congressman, as i look around at these battleground states where the president by the smallest margin -- in georgia, i believe, it's a little over 12,000 votes in a state of almost 11 million
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people, it's a pretty fine margin. the republicans not being prepared for this, the president warning from the very outset that this mail-in balloting was going to be treachery and fraud, it turned out to be precisely that. do you think that describes georgia's circumstance? >> yeah. it's a pattern, lou. what we will show tomorrow on the house floor is a pattern that the democrats upside took in all these states -- undertook in all these states that we plan to object to. and the pattern is real basic. they couldn't do it in a constitutional fashion, so they changed election law in an unconstitutional manner. and once they did that, there was fraud on top of the unconstitutional way they ran the election. georgia, for example, you had the secretary of state and the head of the democrat party into into -- enter into a is the element agreement. not the legislature, but the
5:22 pm
secretary of state and the head of the democrat party. that's not how our constitutional system works. the constitution is very clear, state legislatures set the time, manner and place for election. that was violated in georgia and all the other states that we're going to object to. and once they got that done, then they added fraud on top of it. and that's why president trump wasn't elected president, and were going to show that and talk about that tomorrow, have a real debate on the floor of the united states house of representatives for the american people to see. lou: today we witnessed some life in the are republican-controlled legislatures, legislature of pennsylvania. of they refused to seat a democrat, and they had bedlam on the floor as they did so, but they prevailed. they're actually showing spine and demanding that there be honesty and forthrightness -- >> yeah. lou: -- in this process. will that extend to the electors
5:23 pm
that they will send to washington? >> we'll have to see what some of the state legislatures do now that they're back. there's a new legislative session in respective states, so we'll have to see. what i know you talk about toughness, you talk about doing what they said, you talk about standing up for the american people, that's what president trump has done. and tomorrow's about fighting for hum and the constitution -- for him and the constitution. that's whew you're going to see objections from our side on these six important states and the wrongdoing that took place there where the constitution was violated and there was additional activity that made it difficult for president trump to win. that's what we have to highlight. and that's why so many americans, 60 million americans, lou, over a third of the electorate, think this election was rigged. 80 million americans, including democrats, have real doubts about the outcome of this election. that's another reason why we need to object to the electors from the these specific states. lou: are you absolutely convinced, as we wrap up here,
5:24 pm
congressman, that there was fraud and an effort to steal this election on the part of the radical dems? >> certainly fraud. the affidavits and declarations, but the biggest picture is what the democrats did for the last four years. they went after the president back in '16, then they did impeachment, and then they systematically sued and went around, settlement agreements, and went around the legislatures in these respective states to change election law, and they did that in an unconstitutional fashion. that was their whole plan, to attack president trump and make it so he couldn't win in 2020 in this election. and it looks like, it looks like they were able to get that done in these states, and that's why we're objecting because you cannot violate the fundamentals here and have an election that is run in an unconstitutional fashion by the very fact that you change the election law without it being approved but the legislature. lou: and are you stunned how many republicans you serve with
5:25 pm
on capitol hill in both chambers don't have the spine or the courage or the intelligence to stand up for the president who has led their party to the most successful four years since the presidency of abraham lincoln? >> i think you're going to see a big number support what we're doing tomorrow. i think that number is growing with each day, and now that we're less than 24 hours away from the debate, i think you're going to see a lot of republicans support the constitution and the president. lou: congressman jim jordan, who or certainly does support this great president of ours, a great leader, we appreciate it. congressman jim jordan. up next, more on what's at stake for the republic this week. vernon jones, a democratic lawmaker from georgia, he stands with the president. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ but there's only one way to become one...
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♪ ♪ >> tomorrow our entire nation is counting on the people of georgia. in a way, the world is counting on the people of georgia. it's in your hands. you must deliver a republican victory that the democrats can't steal it or cheat it away. lou: president trump imploring his supporters to make certain that the vote is true the in georgia, telling voters what's at stake. and it is great deal in this election. democrat georgia lawmaker vernon jones wrote a new op-ed for fox news in which he warnedded a democratic win in georgia's senate runoffs would not only be catastrophic, as he put it, for republicans, it would be a colossal mistake for the country and would contradict the will of most of the electorate including independents and many democrats. joining us now, vernon jones,
5:31 pm
democrat, georgia state representative. he's been crawrnlings in his support of president trump. great to have you with us, vernon, and congratulations on the op-ed. i agree with every word that you've written. your thoughts about what will be the outcome. we're hearing a lot of stories about very, very heavy turnout today and a huge number of write-in, mail-in ballots. >> well, first of all, the democrats are going to go back to their playbook, lou. they're going to go back to getting their folks out early. that's what they've done. republicans traditionally weigh in on election day. this election is going to be won based on high republican turnout. it will overshadow what the ballots were for democrats with the early voting. that's the key here. now, president trump came to atlanta -- or came to georgia last night. he was in dalton, georgia. president trump, by far, is the most motivational republican in
5:32 pm
terms of getting people to come out and vote and appealing to their mind and their heart and their energy. so i think that was a bug boost for the president -- a big boost for the president to come in last night. now, with that being said, i hope it trends. i am a hearing a lot of turnout today, voting in georgia. that's a good thing for republicans. however, i want people to realize that there is, there is some issues and concerns about fraud. but if you want to override, if you are concerned about fraud, you override that fraud with a tremendous amount of a red wave to win this election for loeffler and perdue. because if not, lou, so goes georgia, so goes this country, and here comes socialism, defunding the police, no school choice. it's going to be devastating for america. lou: you know, one of the things, vernon, i lived in georgia, i lived and worked in georgia for a while, i am
5:33 pm
stunned that a legislature in which you serve is dominated by the republican part in both -- party in both houses, the senate and the house, and they let this happen. we're looking at a president who won georgia in 2016 by 5%. we're looking at a president who, if this vote were to stand, would have lost it by .2% this year. and the majority stood for the republican part. the down ballot was republican still. it makes no sense. and i, you know, i'm one of those people, i believe that democrats have become science deniers. we know that the president has won bellwether counties, as he pointed out all but 1 of 19 in this country. he won florida, won ohio, won all the states you have to win
5:34 pm
to be elected president, only he didn't win. the science doesn't work. certainly the math does not. your thoughts. >> well, lou, i think you and me, other georgians and americans feel like there was a lack of fair and transparent, transparency in this election. they are concerned -- they have a right to be concerned. when i look at georgia, the secretary of state, afterrens berg, when he went this in that backroom and cut a deal with stacey abrams that really usurped the authority of the members of the general assembly, myself and my colleagues, he cannot make state law as it relates to elections. that is in our constitution for the legislature. many of us knew nothing about this. this is all coming out, for the most part, since this election. that tells you right there that had a profound impact with mail-in ballots. that's the biggest area of election fraud. there are no stopgap measures there.
5:35 pm
there was no checks and balances there. if that had come to the legislature, we could have had good dialogue, a ton of hearing across this state to receive input and put something together that was fair, transparent and there are checks and balances. he failed georgians. howe lou what did -- the republican legislature, why didn't they stop the nonsense as soon as they found out? it's outrageous. and to not even have it be challenged right now before the supreme court is obscene, don't you agree? >> not only do i agree, but most georgians agree. they do not feel that the republican leadership has really fought for them. i asked on many occasions for a special election to come in -- a special session, i should say, to come in and look at this voter fraud. at least let are people be heard. there's look at the evidence x there were evidence. there was a lot of evidence based on what had been brought about. but they lacked in leadership.
5:36 pm
lou: yeah. i -- vernon jones, you don't lack in leadership or courage, and we appreciate you being with us. we've got a hard out. i'd love to talk more. come back soon and we do so. thanks so much, vernon jones. up next, the 2020 election is part of a four-year plot against this president. one man who's relentlessly fought to expose that plot is congressman devin nuñes. he joins us here next. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ no one likes to choose between safe or sporty.
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>> we are finally protecting our nation, rebuilding our cities, and we're bringing our jobs, our factories and our troops back to the usa where they belong. [cheers and applause] but everything that we've achieved together is on the line tomorrow. our fight to take back our country from the big donors, the big media and the or horrendous big tech giants that our politicians -- not these two politicians -- are afraid to attack. lou: president trump in georgia last night on what the critical georgia runoff races mean for the united states. globalist i elites at the business round table are doing what they do, rejecting claims of electoral fraud and saying, please, don't pay attention, don't believe your lying eyes. just oppose republicans who plan to object to electoral college
5:41 pm
certification tomorrow. the business round table said, quote: the integrity of the 2020 presidential election is not in doubt. so there you go, you don't have to think about it anymore. the business round are table and big business will take care of that for you. the business round table added -- by the way, representing about 150 of the largest u.s. multi-nationals -- adding that congress has no authority to rejekyll -- reject or return electoral votes. extraordinary the statement even by their standards. the republican national senatorial committee whining about big tech censorship just hours after it rebuicked president trump and -- rebuked president trump and rebuffed his push to terminate section 230 of the communications act which gives big tech effective immunity against any liability or responsibility for its
5:42 pm
actions. on friday facebook shut down the committee's fundraising page for kelly loeffler and david perdue. so they supported 230 even that as big tech gave them the back of their hand. the committee complained, quote: big tech is at it again. yes. yes, you fools, they're at it still. president trump warning antifa this evening about interfering with pro-trump demonstrations in our nation's capital. he tweeted this, it's a very straightforward message. antifa is a terrorist organization. stay out of washington. law enforcement is watching you very closely. our next guest awarded the presidential medal of freedom for exposing the plot to overthrow president trump. joining us now, congressman devin nuñes, ranking member of the house intelligence committee, great american. and congratulations on the president's award of the freedom
5:43 pm
medal to you. so richly deserved, and people have no idea of all that you went through in those early months of this, this administration trying to save the republic and this president. there's a wonderful documentary out, "the plot to overthrow the president," which i commend to everyone, and the book of the same name on which it is based. we're very proud of you and pleased that the country is acknowledging you. let's turn to georgia. thank you. it's a mess down there still. what are your expectations about the evening? what are you prepared for? if what do you think will happen? >> well, as many of your guests have said all throughout the evening, lou, as i've been watching your show, these are critical, critical seats. the president said it last
5:44 pm
night. he was there last night. i spoke with him yesterday. he understands how important it is to have these two seats because it really is the difference between being able to conduct any type of investigation at all. and and, you know, we lose -- if senator ron johnson and senator grassley of who have done so much to expose the russia hoax, you know, this were able to take the work that the house republicans had done, and when we lost control, we didn't have the ability to subpoena, you lose that power even in the senate. and i think we would all say that senator johnson, senator grassley have done one hell of a job here under very difficult circumstances to try the get these, to try to continue this investigation. so that's why these races are so critical. and plus, look, historically speaking georgia has been a reliably red state, and we need to keep it in that column. if we were to get wiped out with two senate seats in a red state, that would be extremely problematic not just in the short term the, but also
5:45 pm
remember these senate terms are for six years. so this is -- we need people, if you're watching right now, get out and vote. i assume, i think the polls are still open for a couple more hours. lou: are you confident that the republican national organization has been effective in what it's doing in georgia? is the party there effective? because it's stunning to see this .2% margin for joe biden in a reliably red state like georgia against, against what happened in every other office, it seemed, almost every other office went to republicans in this election. >> well, i think we have two different issues there, lou. the first being for this election i believe that there are people on the ground, they're going door to door, they understand what it means to get people to go vote early. they're going to get those absentee ballot toes back in. that has happened over the last 30 days. look, we're still relying -- the
5:46 pm
democrats have built this early machine to get the early vote out, so for same-day voters, they've got to get to the polls today. the other issue that with still don't have answers for that i think are ridiculously frustrating. i want to know what the hell are those ballots? i'm a guy in california, i believe in states' rights, but those ballots in suitcases being pulled out after people were sent home, look, it's real simple. why doesn't the secretary of state or anyone there come out and tell us, look, here's who the people were, we interviewed them. there should be some type of information. and, look, the one thing that i e learned from the leaked phone call, the president of the united states, and the tech tower of -- secretary of state of georgia, i learned he didn't know what the million he was doing and couldn't explain what, i think, half of america is really concerned about.
5:47 pm
because it's photographic and video evidence of something that just looks, looks odd, to say the least. lou: yeah. with all of the questions that are here, and the business round table can bray at the moon all it wants, it can spew its normal establishment nonsense, the fact of the matter is the american people, we are in -- we are a nation of the people, by the people, for the people, not for the business round table or the chamber of commerce or wall street. right now those entities control the collection direction of this -- the direction of this country. and, unfortunately, some of them have foreign nations as partners in their, in their acting with them, aligning with their interests. it's very difficult to imagine how we we got to this point particularly with a populist president and a republican party that right now, at least in the
5:48 pm
senate, is being directed by the establishment. your thoughts on that as we -- >> you know, about a decade ago i wrote a small book, a policy book really, but i talked about my concern at the time of the merger between the radical left and big business. and you can kind of see it coming at that time. lou: right. >> now remember, when that was written, with didn't see at the time the role these tech giants were going to take. and now that you have, and the president said it very, very well, and i've been on this now for a couple of years. you have to remember, i was attacked and censored by these media companies over the last few years. i'm in court with -- lou: you were among the very first. >> yeah, i was the first, media companies and big tech, you know? and i continue to struggle through that. people have to have trust in these institutions, and that's one of the things that i mentioned yesterday at the white house when the president graciously gave me the presidential medal of freedom. i said that these, the american people have to have trust on
5:49 pm
both sides. lou: right. >> the majority party, minority party, everybody has to have, know that their vote is being counted, that it's an honest and fair process, that the media's going to do their job. and that doesn't exist today. and that's, i think, moving forward here going to be a problem. lou: yeah. yeah, and i think you would agree that that trust would be misplaced if, indeed, it did exist right now in almost any of the institutions in washington, d.c., certainly. congressman devin nuñes, again, congratulations, and thanks for being with us and happen new year. up next, historian victor davis hanson. he joins us. we'll be taking up what's happening in georgia and what is happening in this great country of ours. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ smooth driving pays off
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5:54 pm
radical left's plan, if they win control of the senate. puerto rico would be a state, d.c. would be a state, the automatic four new democratic senators, they would stack the supreme court. i mean, just all sorts of wonderful plans from the radical. [laughter] radical left. house speaker nancy pelosi has introduced a new set of rules to govern congress as we begin this new year including what she calls genderless speech codes. the house's gender-neutral language will now call seamen seafarers, chairman will simply be chair, family terms such as father, mother, son, daughter, sister and brother will be swapped out for parent, child or sibling. pelosi, however, is already violating her own code, of course. she proudly calls herself a mother and grandmother on her twitter account.
5:55 pm
it's good for them but never, ever for the. [laughter] est elites -- leftist elites. joining us now, victor davis hanson, senior until at the hoover institution at stanford university, best selling author and not only a great american, extraordinary fellow, and we're delighted to have you with us. happy new year. and what a way we've chosen to gun this new year. to begin this new year, with a contentious, to be kind about it, presidential election. or to be more blunt, a stolen election at least at this point. do you agree? >> i think everybody's worried that the candidates are becoming secondary, lou, to the system. we look at this georgia election today, and both of those democratic candidates are weak. ossoff has no real experience, he's been compromised by chinese business connections.
5:56 pm
warnock's life is a story of radicalism and all sorts of scandals. but yet they're neck and neck. and they're neck and neck because a they've become irrelevant in the way that joe biden was irrelevant. joe biden was a weak candidate, didn't even campaign. they hit upon a system in which they have early voting and massive mail-in voting. i think almost half of the people that voted before today in georgia, and then they have these huge voter registration -- lou: 3.1 million people. >> yep. you can't authenticate them, and they're almost voter harvesting the way that they're done. every state agency sends out registration forms to everybody whether they're residents or not. and then you combine that with mega money, lou, these two candidates raised well over $100 million each. they outraised their republican counterparts by about 35 or 40 million. so what i'm saying is that when you have -- you can massage the registration like that and you can massage the election day to
5:57 pm
make it irrelevant and you have that type of silicon valley or wall street money, you can run almost nub because it's irrelevant. and that's what's really worrisome because once this worked with biden and if it works with these two, i think you're going to see this as the pattern from now on. lou: the pattern may have been started a little earlier than that as well. this is, i ask you if you don't believe, whether you do believe that this is a fraudulent are election in georgia, whether you think that the democrats tried to steal it. and then what you described is, in fact, the party that was once the party of working men and women is now the party of big money, big tech, wall street, big banks, big brokerages. they are now aligned solidly with the power, the powerful economic establishment of this
5:58 pm
country, the radical dems, and they're playing everyone for fools in between. but the republicans are really, it seems to me, obliging all too readily, not reacting. there's no passion, there's no fury. and what is an affront, an insult and a theft of an election and, finally, the democrats may have succeeded in what they've attempted for four years, throwing this president out of office. your thoughts. >> yeah. i think, i think you're right. i think the republicans just assume that people are common sense call, they're good, and i think they're right in that estimation, but they don't quite understand how revolutionaries work. if you control five or six key institutions -- and they control social media and the means of communication that we get our news, and if you control entertainment and k-12 and the universities, and they control
5:59 pm
all of those not to mention foundations -- then you can warp and magnify and force multiply your agendas without necessarily a 51% majority. that's how the bolsheviks came to power, the reign of terror in the french revolution, that's how the salem witch trials took off. and you can intimidate, cancel people out and scare them. it doesn't really matter even if you have a majority if you don't have a few brave people that say, no, no way, no how, we're not going to allow this, we're not change the school's name from abraham lincoln, it's not going to happen. if you come into our state and try to burn down a courthouse, if you don't do that, then you lose deterrence, and we see the mess we have today. they don't have a numerical majority, but they have more power. and when you, as representative nunez said, when you combine or marry big tech, social media,
6:00 pm
communications with this trillion dollar -- not billion, but trillion dollar industry in silicon valley, look what mark zuckerberg did, you target your money. it's almost as if you're representing a public official. you're giving money to public officials to announce a particular shared agenda. lou: there's no doubt that zuckerberg, gates and the list of billionaires who have diseased to assert -- decided to assert themselves in our constitutional republic are having theirfect, and we had better, we had better have a response and create a countervailing force quickly. . lou: victor david hanson, always instructive, we're delighted to talk to you. wish you a happy new year. new very much. it is top of the 6:00 eastern hour of this broadcast.
6:01 pm
we're an hour away from polls closing for the two critical senate runoff races in georgia. republican candidates, senator kelly loeffler, david perdue encouraged by the turnout of voters in georgia. loeffler and perdue issuing a joint statement, particularly encouraged by voters in northern georgia who seemed to have responded to the president's rally there last night. on the other hand the biden camp is reportedly worried about the senate runoff races. advisors for the former vice president expressing skepticism, two of the most radical candidates, rafael warnock and jon ossoff have any chance of winning. does that sound like campaign posturing on election day? it does a little to plea. at a rally in georgia last night, president trump making it perfectly clear the future of this republic is hanging in the
6:02 pm
balance in georgia. the president calling on georgians to block the radical left from stealing the senate as they did in the presidential election. >> america as you know it will be and it will never, i believe, be able to come back again it will be too far gone. your vote tomorrow could lose and it could be your last chance to save the america that we love. you cannot let them. you just can't let them steal the u.s. senate. you can't let it happen. you can't let it happen. david and kelly are running against the most extreme liberal candidates in the history of your state, probably in the history of our country, jon ossoff and rafael warnock. [booing] lou: the president in dalton, georgia, rallying his supporters
6:03 pm
and georgia voters to support senator loeffler and the republican party and of course president trump. david perdue, who is not a senator until this is sorted out. joining us, jason miller, senior advisor to the trump campaign. jason, good to have you with us. have you spent anytime in georgia here lately? do you have a sense what is at stake there? >> very much so, lou. i was not with the president last night but i did go to georgia with the president in december. i have been in touch with both the perdue and loeffler camps have been fired up going into today. it's a time of choosing for georgia today. it will be a time of choosing in our nation's capitol tomorrow. lou: are the republicans prepared to be horn swaggled again in george ba? isn't it about time the
6:04 pm
republican party wakes up to the fact, as one person commented yesterday, it is like the republicans play cricket while the democrats are at war. your thoughts. >> no i think that is exactly right. look at the way the democrats in georgia, even though we have all statewide republican elected officials, republicans running the legislature, got this consent decree through, basically able to railroad the entire voting system in georgia and republicans were asleep at the switch. we learned something november 3rd. we'll have to workers interest hard to get the people turned out. we saw the president in north georgia, we have to allow extra room for republicans to turn out more people so no matter what happens with the goofed up elections we win with enough margin to get david perdue and kelly loeffler back to the senate where we so desperately need them. lou: your thoughts about vice president pence? his thinking, what you expect
6:05 pm
him to do tomorrow? >> well, what i expect the vice president to do is the right thing, that is to make sure count the votes from the states where they were cast legally and for the states where they were cast illegally or they're unconstitutional objections then i think with have to have a deeper audit or even go back to the legislatures or outright reject those and send it back for the governors to deal with. let me go into that a little more, lou. tomorrow with we'll see essentially the vice president, sits there opens up the envelopes from each of the state. the third state will be arizona. you will see congressman paul gosar from arizona be the first one to object and lay out really kind of two paths. one will be the constitutional objection where he talked about how article ii was violated the way they kept the election open and democrats were able to illegally register voters. you will also see more empirical deep dive going to aspects much voter fraud, out-of-state
quote quote
6:06 pm
voters, felons voting, dead people voting. the constitutional objections and empirical specific examples through five states. i think arizona, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania and georgia. for each of those objections than the house and senate split up. they each have two hours to go debate it. here is the thing to keep in mind with regard to the vice president. yes, he is overseeing the entire body of congress, when the senate and house split off into two groups he is still running the senate this i think the vice-president will throw down tomorrow, do the right thing this is time of choosing. people will look pack at this moment tomorrow where every single one of their elected officials were. did they vote for the rule of law in getting the elections right or did they give it away to the democrats and people who cheated and stole their way through this election? lou: wouldn't it be criminal for these republicans, in particularly republican senators
6:07 pm
saying they will not step forward to tell, to tell their states there, their constituencies they don't really care whether the election was stolen or not. that fraud was created. that the clock has run out and therefore somebody has to blow a whistle? this is about as mindless as i have ever seen these republican rino establishment hacks behave. i've seen them behave awfully for decades but this takes the cake. is that really what we're going to be left with at the end of the day? these republicans who have, who are such craven cowards, who are sucking up everything they can at the trough of corporate america and wall street and of course our good allies across the world? >> well -- lou: i'm not a fan of them by the way. >> i could tell it.
6:08 pm
i didn't want to interrupt. you were on a roll but you know what this reminds me of, lou? go back to "access hollywood" in 2016. all of these wimp republicans went running for the tall grass they would have been fine to let crooked hillary to win the presidential race. lou: that's right. >> think of the fake impeachment witch-hunt, a lot of senior republicans, they were whining, talking oh, trump is finish and he is done. only when the grassroots and people put pressure on these cowards and held them accountable, if you don't support our president we'll never be with you. everyone will remember who stands in the breach and fights tomorrow and who foes running off like a chicken. people will remember if they want help from the republican party or the president they better deliver tomorrow. lou: well the vice president, i've got great respect and regard for. it will be, it is a pivotal moment in history and certainly in his career.
6:09 pm
his personal history. jason miller, good to have you with us. thank you. up next here a group of data scientists say they have proof of voting irregularities in georgia. two of those researchers, david lavu, justin mele join us after the break with what they have found. we'll see. see for yourself with your very own eyes which we're told by the business roundtable are lying eyes. we're not to believe them no matter what we see. we'll see them next. stay with us. we'll be right back. at fidelity, you get personalized wealth planning
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and men measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. release effectively combats insulin resistance and will help you lose weight safely and effectively. release: available only at ♪. >> secretary of state and your incompetent governor. theylegally fluided states with mail-in ballots and corrupt democrat run cities among many other flagrant violations. georgia's secretary of state agreed to a litigation settlement which is something that nobody has ever seen one like this. i wanted to just tell you that stacey abrams took him to the cleaners. lou: well our next guests well,
6:14 pm
are part of a group of data scientists who are working hard to find out what happened on november 3rd. they claim now that they have proof that thousands of votes were switched from president trump to joe biden in georgia. joining us now justin mele, from the data integrity group. justin is a nine-year veteran of the u.s. navy where he work of the as an electronic warfare technician cryptologic technician and arabic linguist. he worked at the nsa and a cia contractor. dave is joining us who has 12 years experience in data science and machine learning across financial services, telecommunications research, consulting industry and he specializes currently in artificial intelligence applications. i want to say first of all to both of you, thanks for what you're doing and thanks for being with us here this evening. give us, if you will and i'll
6:15 pm
start with you, dave, because you've got a tie. i'm going to be very traditional here. did you, did you find almost immediately what you would say is evidence of fraud? >> i would say yes. we've gone through a pretty rigorous process and at each level we've gone deeper into the data and the analysis. it has been more confirmation and more confidence in the results that we found and discovered, suspicion to what's undeniably what we see is fraudulent. lou: and justin, your thoughts as you explained this to me and to our audience, what is it that is most representative of the fraud that you're talking about that is an anomaly and a irregularity, an outlyer that is so persuasive to you? >> well. there is, to me there are a lot of persuasive parts right,
6:16 pm
because i'm looking directly at the data. lou: sure. >> also your audience can look directly at the data we released all the date that that is publicly available but the one of most persuasive ones for me from easy to understand number standpoint if you look fulton county georgia, richard baron who worked at fulton county 113,000 ballots were cast during the election and 106 ballots were adjudicated. he said this one day after the election i believe november 4th. and then what happened was, if you think about what adjudication means, for all intents and purposes adjudication means you change ad vote. now it means you're supposed to change that vote according to the voter intent but you're changing the vote. so 106 ballots were adjudicated. well the thing is, we investigated that and looked into talking to whistle-blowers that were adjudicatetores, asked them how fast can you adjudicate a vote?
6:17 pm
usually two minutes to five minutes. two people sitting next to each other discussing that vote, right? the thing is, what is the fastest you can adjudicate a vote? they said probably 30 seconds. if you take 30 seconds, two per minute, right, you take that 106,000 ballots, that is 53,000 ballots, 35,000 minutes, 883 hours. 883 man-hours would be put in to a skewed kate the votes in one day. think how big after team you need to do that. well, when you look at fulton county, georgia, how many people actually adjudicated from the one day? it was two teams of two. so that is a very simple one. very easy arithmetic to disprove 106,000 ballots were actually adjudicated. if in fact 106,000 ballots were adjudicated, there is no way you could physically adjudicate them in that amount of time. lou: that is fascinating.
6:18 pm
you testified before the senate subcommittee in georgia, state government. and their reaction was what? >> well that was kind of interesting. they had kind of an interesting reaction. i believe i heard a wow, couple times. there was silence. maybe a dissenting silence or ascenting silence i have no idea. all i know they agreed to some action. that is what we want. we want to look at these things. we say fraud looking at some indicators of fraud, what that means is, if you have, for instance, if you have some problems with the different counting for instance, in your business your accountant would take the sheets they would say what is this, what is this, what is this, for all the different transaction shuns you would have to list them out one by one. that is all which want done on every single one we see.
6:19 pm
one air described to us i believe by edison, well this is what this error is. what about all the other errors? yes, exactly. edison research, sorry. edison research said 19,000 vote switch we saw live on cnn. that was human error. but they didn't describe any other error put out in all the videos, in actual data. they never said a single reason why any of these other errors occurred. that is what we need to know. lou: i believe we have the video of the, of the way a ballot is moved around. do we have that sid yo? that is a negative i'm told. well, i won't ask anymore questions. i hate negatives. the amount -- >> especially -- lou: the amount in a ballot, exactly, the amount of transactions only way i can describe it that a ballot goes through is stunning and that was
6:20 pm
the research, part of the research that you've done. carrying a ballot from the pad at the polling booth and then moving it to the counting centers, to then to the warehouses. it is extraordinary. give us a sense of what you think would be the best action that could be taken by the state government of georgia right now in regard to the november 3rd election? >> well, i can say before i get to the answer to that question, i would say that based on our systemic approach to this analysis which you know, we have done in a very deliberate and consistent manner where we said at each level we've gone deeper and investigated each level of fraud, whether it be from a database or statistical anomaly standpoint reaffirmed what we found at the previous layer, you moved from oddity to suspicion to at one point where do you get to the point you outright label
6:21 pm
it as fraud? as we sort of triangulated on to this and moved closer and closer to that exact target i would said neat dell continues to move. it is hovering over. all this anecdotal evidence and other evidence that has been mentioned, it is clearly, blatantly appearing that this was an activity that had nefarious in10. >> frankly, lou, in the case, if this was enron, federal agents would already come in seized all computers and machines, everything involved in this whole thing with the amount of data we've shown. in enron you had much less data compared to what we proved out from statistical standpoint. so what should the secretary of state do, what should anybody, u.s. attorney, anyone do as far as georgia is concerned? they need to do something because we don't have any answers for anything. so right now i see absolutely no movement towards getting an answer for all the things we found.
6:22 pm
they are incontrovertible using the same data that the secretary of state certified the state with. we're not using different data. this is the secretary of state's data, we can prove it is fraudulent. we can prove what they certified is fraudulent. there needs to be some sort of action. we can't just move beyond this as explained human error here or maybe it is human error but we have no answers to prove that. lou: yeah. it's, we've been something of a stalemate is only way i can describe it for weeks now. we're now two months from the election and still do not have an investigative agency that has done the most elementary work to satisfy the public's alarm and concern and experts including yourselves who say, this is on any other basis statistically and quite obviously irregular
6:23 pm
and that suggests that things didn't go the way they were planned. certainly it makes no sense that the democratic party almost as one has decided that they are no longer interested in mathematics and statistics, probabilities and outcomes. in fact they are denying science and math as you know, fast as they possibly could. it is really, it is a moment of despair for the country and one of great desperation that we get this thing right. we thank you for the efforts that you're making, dave, justin and your organization. i hope you will come back and i promise you that we will, at that point have secured at least one graphic to support some of what we're discussing. thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. thank you. yes, sir. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this, share your comment. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. i believe justin had something
6:24 pm
he wanted to say. let's go back to him very quickly, if we may. >> thank you. i want to give you more definitive direction you mentioned in georgia specifically, there are a few counties we identified, fulton was one of them, but this county is another that deserved a second look to make sure every vote was counted justify justifiably the way it was originally cast. lou: great. we'll continue the conversation here very quickly. thanks again. well a reminder to follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter and parler and programing note, i will be joining neil cavuto at the top of the 7:00 hour as he picks up our election coverage of the important georgia senate runoffs. stay with us. we'll be right back. stretched d. juggled life for it. stretched d.
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♪. >> this is a kelly rally and david rally and i wouldn't do it untiles i loved them both, i
6:29 pm
wouldn't do it. but i will be here in year-and-a-half, i will be campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary of state. that i can tell you. [cheering] lou: president trump has had a belly full of governor kemp and the secretary of state in georgia. he is, they're in trouble. well senator kamala harris in some trouble as well. she is accused plagarizing an anecdote from martin luther king, jr. in an october inter v. with "elle" magazine harris recalled going to a civil rights march as a child and crying when she fell out of her stroller. harris said, part, quote, my mother was like baby what do you want, what do you need, i just looked at here i said. fweedomn a 1965 "playboy" interview martin luther king, jr. told a very similar story about a
6:30 pm
police officer okay costing a little girl during a demonstration. see if this sounds familiar to you? king said in part, quote, what do you want? the policeman asked her gruffly. and the little girl looked at him straight in the eye, and answered, feedom. feedom. fweedom. feedom but not to plagiarize. joining us the niece of martin luther king, jr., dr. alveda king. great to see you, happy new year and i always say to you every time, i feel better every time i see you. just, just to see that positive energy emanating from your person. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, lou. lou: kamala harris, kamala harris, what do you think she did there? >> well, kamala knows that her world view is totally different
6:31 pm
from the world view of martin luther king, jr. so it is a big stretch for her toe compare herself or sound like him or use some of his same analogies. for instance, kamala believes it is okay to abort babies up to nine months. if you meant to abort the baby lives, let the baby die. martin luther king, jr. served the public. he not kill the public. that would include babies in the womb. he said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. so she is nothing like martin luther king, jr. but she estimate, there she is, playing on those emotions again. lou: and playing on emotions, they're running high in georgia and you know something about that great state. warnock, ossoff, thereby any standard those are radical, those are radical fellows.
6:32 pm
you're thoughts of them? >> they are so radical with their injustices towards israel, for example. their lack of compassion for babies in the womb, for example. offering surgeons and things like that to children over human sexuality. they're very, very radical. and you know, it was beyond the pale for warnock's latest interview, even though his latest commercial. he says if you want that $2000 trump trying to get to you, vote for me i will get it. that is outrageous for him to pretend he wants to work with president trump. no he doesn't. he does not preach in the pulpit where martin luther king, jr. preached. he preaches across the street at the horizon sanctuary. he is using and misusing the bible, emotions and so is ossoff. they really, really are.
6:33 pm
they do not support, life, liberty and the purity of happiness. perdue and loeffler do. lou: and they are in a, in a epic battle with two people that one could not have imagined the people of georgia electing even a year ago. the people of georgia, demonstrated that with ossoff rejecting him in a congressional race but this is, this is a tight, tight race obviously. >> it is tight. lou: what is your expectation about the result? >> i rode around the streets of atlanta early this morning after the sun came up. the polls looked empty. people appeared not to be voting. seems many people already voted. i voted earlier as a matter of fact. i have a very close friend in november when she went to vote, ginger howard, we coauthored a book, we're color-blind, they told ginger the machine is down,
6:34 pm
we'll scan later. the same thing is happening this time, it is happening here, right now today in this election. they're telling people, oh the machines are broken. we'll scan later. one guy, that i know for sure, he went to vote and they said no, you've already voted. he says, no i didn't. i'm here to vote now. he said you voted at mobile unit. so we have some irregularities. the race is tight you have to really wonder why the race is tight. lou: yeah. it is, it is a complicated moment and everybody is on, well they're on the edges of their chairs to see what is going to happen. >> we are. lou: tonight and tomorrow. dr. alveda king, always great to see you, thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: appreciate it. up next, google's extensive efforts to manipulate elections and, to have people vote. for whom? for democrats. research psychologist dr. robert epstein has warned congress, he
6:35 pm
has conducted vast amounts of research into the effects of google's influence in these elections. he told us plainly what to expect and now he will tell us what he has found. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ those are advanced poses. that's why at cvs, we're making not making excuses a little easier, with the vitamins and supplements you may need. now get a $10 gift card when you spend $30. cvs. healthier made easier. maria had to do everything for me. she had these awful blisters on her back. i don't want shingles when i'm your age. actually, if you're 50 or older, you're at increased risk that's life, nothing you can do... uh, shingles can be prevented.
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>> you know what i want? i want a great country. i want these two very special people to be elected. if you don't go and vote the socialists, the marxists, will
6:39 pm
be in charge of our country. if you don't fight to save your country with everything you have, you're not going to have a country left. lou: breaking news now. wall street and the swamp continue their work against the national security interests of this country. the new york stock exchange has withdrawn its plans to delist shares of three chinese state-owned phone carriers. president trump issuing an executive order, ordering shares of china telecom, china unicom and china mobile be removed this month citing their links to the chinese military. something's afoot. we just don't know what. apparently discussions between the new york exchange and regulatory agencies persuading them that they don't have to delist suddenly, or that a deal of some sort is in the works, or has been made. we'll keep you apprised. also breaking tonight
6:40 pm
president trump has signed an executive order that bans transactions with eight chinese software applications. among the applications, alibaba's online payment mat form alipay alibaba founder by the way, chinese billionaire jack ma, he hasn't been seen for a while. he has been missing for two months in fact, not seen in public since he called for economic reform in communist china. there are reports that have surfaced and by surfaced, i mean have been spun out by the chinese disinformation agencies and disinformation campaigns that ma is not in harm's way but simply laying low, maintaining hoe profile. that he is just fine. everything is ducky. that wasn't what the chinese influence peddlers said. this was just my impromptu
6:41 pm
ad-lib. also breaking the tech oligarchs in social media giants of silicon valley donating millions of dollars to support the radical dems in georgia. jon ossoff has received more than $2.4 million from workers at google parent company alphabet as well as apple and microsoft and facebook and amazon. they're spending by the way in that race, democrats and republicans, some $800 million. dr. robert epstein joins us now. dr. epstein, prominent psychologist and professor who has testified before congress warning that big tech can manipulate millions of voters and influence elections, pushing them to vote democrat in recent elections. since last month he and more than 1000 others have been working to put an end to google's influence over the
6:42 pm
georgia senate races. we'll find out now how they have done. good to have you with us and we appreciate your joining us. the thought, dr. epstein, that google suddenly is being held at bay in its influence campaign in georgia, if true, you deserve high commendation. give us, give us the latest on what's happening in georgia in particular. >> sure, lou, by the way, happy new year. i'm also for the record i'm not a conservative and i'm not a trump supporter so what i'm doing here i'm doing because i value democracy and free speech more than i value any particular party or candidate. but it's true, it appears that we have gotten google to back off of the georgia senate races. we first monitored, yeah. well we first monitored the
6:43 pm
presidential race about 733 field agents in three key swing states. we installed special software on their computers that allowed us to preserve any election-related content they were seeing on their screens. this is with their permission of course. we preserved more than half a million ephemeral experiences, that is what google calls them. these are experiences that the company using to manipulate opinion and votes without people knowing. normally these experiences are lost forever. we preserved them and we caught google in the presidential race, we caught them sending targeted vote messages just to democrats and when we caught them they turned off the manipulation. they backed down four-days before election day. now in georgia we have -- lou: four days before? >> yeah, four days before. in georgia we have a much bigger team. we have more than 1000 field age
6:44 pm
on nts. we preserved 1000 ephemeral experiences so far, this is as stan niching google stayed out of the georgia race except for donating. looks like the manipulation they normally used they are not using in georgia but i can't say that for facebook because we're also monitoring. lou: and facebook is still trying to influence outcomes? >> definitely. in fact we found today in our data that facebook is sending out vote reminders and these appear to be targeted and that will shift at least 5000 votes at the last minute to each of the democratic candidates, depending on the nature of the targeting it, could shift 12,000 votes to each of these candidates. these are two very close races.
6:45 pm
so with facebook able to shift that many votes at the last minute, that could easily tip the results. lou: you have testified before congress. the media is familiar with your work. obviously google familiar with your work and i would assume all other social media as well. why do they persist? why are they allowed to persist in this? this is un-american as it can be. one would think that the, at the very least the fcc would be intervening. tell us what is driving this? >> well believe it or not, lou, there are no laws or regulations specifically forbidding the kinds of things that they're doing. now obviously some members of congress are trying to put things in place but with biden, with the biden administration taking over very soon it seems
6:46 pm
to me that will be the end of these efforts because as you pointed out these companies have bought the democrats and i think we're in deep very deep trouble in that regard. so but we can monitor. that is what i'm showing here. i've been working on this since 2016 and what i'm showing is, even without laws and regulations if you shine some sunlight on what they're doing and you preserve the information that is normally lost, you can get these companies to back off. we protect democracy that way. we can protect free speech and we can protect our children. lou: and on november 3rd, what was the impact of google and facebook in your judgment in moving votes toward biden? >> well unfortunately here the news is bad because even though
6:47 pm
at the last minute we got google to back off on a very powerful manipulation the bias in google search results was so extensive that we think it is pretty clear that they shifted at least six million votes in one direction only over a period of weeks and months before the election, at least six million votes. and again we have extensive evidence showing that this bias was there. it is not there in georgia but it sure as heck was there in the presidential race and it had an enormous impact on the outcome of that race. lou: dr. robert epstein, thanks for being with us, who is having enormous impact on the public consciousness in this country of what big tech and social media is doing. up next more issues uncovered in georgia. we'll have that and much more.
6:48 pm
we'll be talking with republican attorney phil klein. stay with us. we'll be right back. are you frustrated with your weight and health?
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lou: "judicial watch" announcing more than 4700 absentee voters in the state of georgia had out-of-state addresses. "judicial watch" said nearly 10,000 georgia voters appear to be registered at non-residential addresses, including commercial buildings, government buildings and either hotels or motels. joining us now, phil klein, he is director of the amistad, watchdog, thomas moore society, a conservative law firm. he is also former attorney general of the great state of kansas. great to have you with us. we're having everybody, everybody obviously focused on this race in georgia, the state legislators, coming back in to session all across the country. in pennsylvania today bedlam erupting as the very powerful republican-led state legislature there denied a democrat because
6:53 pm
the election is disputed. we're starting to see some signs, some rumblings of a both courage and concern on the part of those state legislators about the future of the republic. what is going on? >> well this weekend we hosted a phone call with up to 300 state legislators. i was on that call with several others. it was sponsored by got freedom. as a result of that we put together a letter that i know will be delivered this evening to the vice president, signed on by 117 state legislators, asking that the vice president give them time, because under the constitution they have the responsibility of certifying the presidential electors, and in these swing states, this is 117 legislators from the six swing states, they have not even met until now to discuss and debate the election. in fact in michigan on
6:54 pm
december 14th, the governor of michigan mobilized the state police and locked republican legislators out of the building while democrats went in and certified biden electors. so there is a real growing demand that they be able to meet and debate and decide. lou: in whose power is it to stop this process, to halt the electors, and the certification and give these state legislatures time, particularly the swing states, the battleground states, where there is so much dispute and charges of fraud. who has that power, that opportunity? >> well i would encourage the vice president to afford that time by walking out of the chamber tomorrow. and we believe that he has that right. that probably will result in a lawsuit in which a court will be asked to compel him to not allow
6:55 pm
any additional time. now it is important to recognize none of this has to interfere with the transition of power or the inauguration. these legislators are asking for 10 days. so that the body vested with the authority in the constitution can meet, actually meet as a body and debate under article ii of the constitution whether these electors should be certified. they have not had that opportunity and we believe it is the right to come together, they should be afforded that time. lou: what do you expect to see actually happen tomorrow? >> you know it is rather difficult to say. i would say that the founders and authors of constitution first saw this day. they allowed a procedure. these particular dates we're dealing with tomorrow, the dates previously are not written in the constitution. they are essentially statutes passed by congress out of
6:56 pm
convenience. if you go back far enough, the timing of the election and meeting of the electors was based on when the harvest came in and how long it took to ride to washington, d.c. with all of these questions -- lou: we're going to have to ride that horse ourselves, phil. we're out of time. we appreciate yours. it is great to see you. it is going to be a fascinating evening, a fascinating tomorrow as well. that's it for our coverage this hour. i want to thank phil klein, wish him happy new year, keep it here on fox business, i will join neil cavuto and the team in a few moments as they pick up coverage of the all-important senate run i don't have else that's good to know? if you have medicare and medicaid you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a
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♪ >> you're watching fox business coverage of the georgia senate runoff elections. here's neil cavuto. neil: all right. all eyes are on the peach state today and, man, oh, man, do we have a lot going on. the balance of power crucial here. democrats need to take both these seats from the republicans in order to flip the united states senate. that will prove a lot easier said than done. we're told or for runoff elections that this has actually been pretty, pretty heavily involved and that some record numbers in some parts of the state are being recorded, cobb county, more to the point, they're keeping


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